Sugarpeach turns a month-old

Chocolate cake in the shape of '1'

Happy birthday, Sugarpeach!

Sugarpeach turns 1 month today. Having being a blogger for a couple of years and after usage of various blogging interfaces, I must say that I like the WordPress interface very much. Customization of my blog is very convenient now and there are less steps to learn.

Not only that, I do not have to install any stat counter as the stat counter has been provided. Checking my stats is a pretty encouraging part of blogging because at least I know that people are reading my blog. Sugarpeach has 42 unique visitors as to date, and I owe all that to you all, my blog readers! So… I want to invite y’all to celebrate this special date with me. Have a piece of the luscious cake and cheers!!!



Ps. 1 – I welcome comments on my blog posts. *hint hint*

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