Giveaway Scout is the first website I’ve come across where there is a comprehensive list of giveaways, contests, sweepstakes and coupons from thousands of blogs and websites. Many of these freebies are only available in certain countries like US or Canada but there are a few available internationally. They have various categories for stuff like jewelry, cosmetics, gadgets and of course, books. So, check out the website if you have a little free time and like free stuff (who doesn’t?).



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4 responses to “Giveaway Scout

  1. Amy

    Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. You’re welcome, Amy!

  3. Amy

    Haha…I’m a giveaway junkie! Thanks for visiting my blog. I subscribed to your feed, BTW.

  4. I love giveaways, especially book giveaways. Thanks for subscribing to my feed!