Interview with Anne Osterlund

anne osterlundAs a follow-up to my review of Exile by Anne Osterlund, let me present to you an interview with Anne! Anne graduated with a two degrees in education but headed into the writing line. Since April 2008, she has had three books published and is currently working on her fourth book.


What inspired you to write Exile?

Aurelia, of course. She first introduced herself to me, on a yellow notepad, while complaining about being stuck at a boring party with an itching ankle. (See Aurelia’s Introduction on my website: Obviously she couldn’t stay where she was. She was a princess who could not stand being a princess. At her insistence, there have always been three books within my head to her story. Exile is the second.

Why the name Aurelia?

Aurelia is her name. She likes it far better than Her Royal Highness. She spends a bit of Exile under the pseudonym of Daria, but Robert and I agree that Aurelia really isn’t very good at pulling that off.

Is there a sequel to Exile and if there is, what should readers expect from it?

I would love to write a sequel! Redemption is currently a very messy first draft on my computer. But we have to bow to the readers’ desires before making any promises. All I can do is write the best stories I can.

If Aurelia and Exile were to be adapted into movies, who would be your choice for movie director and who would you pick to play the roles of Aurelia and Robert?

Director: Alfonso Cuarón or Gore Verbinski
Aurelia: Hmm. Someone capable of portraying wit, stubbornness, impatience, and a very bad temper. I rather like Emma Watson.
Robert: Someone unknown. And perfect.

Can you please tell us a little-known fact about yourself?

How about three?

1. I adore Hickory Farms Christmas mints.
2. My favorite part of visiting Greece was seeing the cats at the Parthenon.
3. The characters of my books—Aurelia, Exile, Academy 7 (which came out in 2009 and won my first real literary award!), and Salvation (which is set for next spring)—all get along fairly well together on my blog:, though Aurelia and Dane have their issues, being too much alike.

Anything else you would like to say?

There are sample chapters, reviews, and fun fluff on my website: Come visit! Robert, Aurelia, and I hope you all enjoy their expedition in Exile! It has been quite a hazardous adventure.


Anne, Exile‘s adventure is hazardous! Thank you for doing this interview with me.

For more information about Anne and her books, check out her website at You can read my review of Exile at Review: Exile by Anne Osterlund.


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