The Writing Of… A Cowboy’s Touch by Denise Hunter

denise hunter authorJoin me in welcoming author Denise Hunter to Sugarpeach! Denise is the author of A Cowboy’s Touch, the book I reviewed yesterday. Besides authoring A Cowboy’s Touch, Denise has also authored 16 other books! Without further ado, allow me to present to you a guest blog post by Denise. Enjoy!

The Writing Of… A Cowboy’s Touch

When I decided to write a cowboy series, I knew I had some serious research ahead! I’m not a cowgirl. I’m not even a country girl. I live in a medium sized city, and the nearest Starbucks is practically walking distance. A research trip was definitely in order. So my hubby and I brought in Auntie Gina to stay with the kiddos then we took off for Big Sky country.
Once we saw the Gallatin Mountains, rolling green hills, and yes, the big blue sky, we were right at home.
A kind cowboy and his wife took us in and let me pepper them with questions. They shared the workings of a ranch from A to Z. I learned so much–about breeding and branding, vaccinations and cattle diseases, etc. But the biggest thing I learned was a huge respect for the cowboy lifestyle. Yes, cowboys are tough and hardworking and persistent, just like you might think. When you sign up to be a cowboy, you sign up for broken bones, you sign up for financial uncertainty, you sign up for frostbite, and bruises and, sometimes, round-the-clock hours. And despite all that, they love what they do. They love living in the saddle. They love working outdoors. They can’t imagine doing anything else for a living.
I left Montana with an energy and passion for Big Sky Country that carried me through the writing of A Cowboy’s Touch and beyond. I hope my readers will enjoy their journey there through story!



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