Illusion in Thrillers by Richard Brown + Giveaway

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The word illusion is defined as something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. It should come as no surprise to readers of mysteries and thrillers that writers often use illusion to steer the reader down many different paths where only one leads to the villain. Examples could be something as simple as a single line of dialogue, where a character says something that seems peculiar or even slightly incriminating, or as complex as an entire side plot used to distract and nudge you to the left while the killer just ran right. This is done to build suspense and a subtle feeling of puzzlement, forcing you to become more engaged in the story and hopefully more satisfied by the end. The last thing the reader or the writer wants in a mystery is for the answer to be obvious, or in plain sight. If you manage to figure out who done it, then all the pieces of misinformation the author sprinkled throughout the story will only heighten your feeling of accomplishment. And if you didn’t figure it out, well then hopefully you were at the very least surprised by the result, which in many cases is even more exciting, assuming the writer played by the rules and didn’t just pull a rabbit out of his hat.

In the case of my novel, The Gift of Illusion, the reader is aware much sooner than any of the characters that something paranormal is at work because they are a witness to the villain entering this world from the spiritual world. The villain itself then becomes the illusion, moving from person to person making it difficult to track. One moment Lead Detective Isaac Winters is sure he has everything figured out, the next he’s shaking his head in disbelief. As he tells his partner at one point in the story, “It’s almost like we’re tracking a parasite that’s somehow intelligent enough to choose a new host whenever it wants.”

The exact origin of the villain remains a mystery for most of the story, but once it is revealed and you begin to learn more and more about the his disturbing past, the illusion is gone and a whole new series of questions present themselves. The most difficult for Detective Winters to answer; how do you destroy this villain without also destroying the innocent person it has possessed? Many would argue it’s worth risking one person’s life for many others to live. It’s the only way. The right answer. But what if the person in question is your child?

How far would you go to find another way?


An eBook* of The Gift of Illusion is being given away to one Sugarpeach reader. This giveaway is open internationally and ends on August 31st. I am using Rafflecopter to run this giveaway. I am posting this giveaway in Sugarpeach’s Facebook fan page since this widget does not work in You do not need a Facebook account to enter the giveaway. You do need to have Javascript enabled to see the widget, however.

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* eBook is available in mobi, epub, and PDF formats

The Gift of Illusion book description:

Something wicked has returned to Elmwood, and it longs to continue the study it began over a century ago. It’s looking for volunteers, but few seem worthy of the gift. Isaac Winters might be the one. He’s a detective with a damaged past, and something to prove. Still haunted by his wife’s murder sixteen years earlier, Isaac has thought more and more about turning in his badge. Over the years, he’s seen the worst mankind has to offer. Until now. A strange fire has consumed the life of a young girl. But she won’t be the last. There are no witnesses and no evidence except a small stone figurine, a gateway to the past. Accompanied by a partner with questionable experience, Isaac must discover and defeat this faceless villain before it takes from him the greatest reminder of his dead wife. Their daughter.



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9 responses to “Illusion in Thrillers by Richard Brown + Giveaway

  1. Gina Hamm

    Looks like an interesting read!!!

  2. Sounds great, looking forward to reading it.

  3. Carol M

    This sounds like a book I would really enjoy! Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. Nice giveaway 😀 There’s something weird going on with FB at the moment for me, scripts don’t work and such, so I’m just gonna wait for a bit before entering the giveaway!

  5. mamabunny13

    I would love to read this! Tahnk you for the giveaway.

  6. Ruby M

    This story sounds great! I can’t wait to read it!

  7. Great giveaway I am definitely entering this one for the Gift of Illustion.
    Anxious to read it.

  8. Mary Preston

    I love the fact that as the reader I am first aware of the presence of the villain. THE GIFT OF ILLUSION looks amazing.


  9. I’m glued to this book and i havent even read it yet!!

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