Review: The Last Seal by Richard Denning

the last seal book coverMercia Books, ISBN 978-0956810335

It is September 1666 in London. Two rival secret societies, the Praesidium and the Liberati, are in a feud that threatens to destroy London and ultimately, the whole world. Three hundred years ago, a member of the Praesidium had incarnated the demon Dantalion beneath the city of London and used seven seals to prevent him from coming back to earth. Ever since then, the Liberati has been finding ways to release this demon from his jail. Ben, a student from Westminster School, finds a scroll detailing the location of the seals.

I liked the elements of mystery in this story. It was the mysteries that kept me turning the pages. I was disappointed when several mysteries was revealed halfway through the story. I thought that it would have been more effective if revealed in a somewhat more dramatic way nearer the end of the story or at the climax. There was a minor surprise at the end of the story, but it didn’t help to lighten the calm ending.

This story had an exciting climax. It was an outright good versus bad climax and that made the ending of this climax very predictable. Nevertheless, I found the action in the climax entertaining. The majority of action in this book makes the book seem tween-ish. I rarely read tween action books and was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. The horror parts weren’t eerily frightening and I liked that. I also found it amusing that Dantalion sounded like a little kid during the climax.

It was interesting how Richard Denning tries to explain the start of the Great Fire of London. Historical facts are mixed with fictional fantasy. There were plenty of Biblical references, too. The narration wasn’t really smooth at some parts, but The Last Seal had sufficient mystery and intrigue to keep me hook on to the story.

richard denning authorRichard Denning works as a General Practitioner in the West Midlands, England. He has had four books published, with two more books to be released in 2012. He is fascinated by historical settings as well as horror and fantasy. Besides writing, his main interests are games of all types. He is the designer of a board game based on the Great Fire of London. Visit his website at

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2 responses to “Review: The Last Seal by Richard Denning

  1. This sounds like a nice thriller! I do get disappointed too when it appears that a lot of mysteries are solved by halfway point.

    • I wouldn’t say that this book is in the thriller genre… I suppose it is more in the action and fantasy genres. But “nice” describes this book quite well! 🙂