Review: Tuesday’s Child by Carolyn Gibbs

tuesday's child book coverLegwork Team Publishing, ISBN 978-1935905097

Rating: 5 ~ I Love It

Although Lane Harris come from a wealthy family, she is hated and ostracized by not only the town, but also her family. Her plans for college and life after high school is destroyed when she is violently attacked and left to die one night. To top this trauma, she doesn’t know who her attacker is. And until she finds out the identity of her attacker, she can trust no man in the town. Lane goes on a run while teaching herself the rules of survival. A “normal” life eludes her and will continue to elude her as long as her attacker is still free.

I absolutely love this story. The emotions in it is intense, readers can’t help but like the “good guys” in the story, and there is the heartwarming ending. Furthermore, this novel touches on tough topics. When we see teenagers living on the street, we tend to assume that they are losers. In Tuesday’s Child, the story tells otherwise. As the byline in the novel goes, “not all teens on the street are runaways… some are throwaways”.

The amount of action and conversation in Tuesday’s Child was excellently well balanced. I don’t favor books with too many conversations and too little action or vice versa. As you can guess, I was glad that Carolyn Gibbs managed to create a fascinating story with just the right amount of action and conversation.

The only thing about this novel that left me wondering was its title. After completing the whole book, I still couldn’t understand why it was titled “Tuesday’s Child“. Maybe there is a deeper meaning to it that I figure. Anyway, this is hardly an issue to me and what was more important is the story.

I couldn’t put down this novel until I finished reading it! This is one of the few books I wish was longer. Tuesday’s Child touches on topics such as domestic violence, brutality, anger and a young girl’s struggle to survive, but hope shines throughout the story. Because of the topics and the small bit of swear language, I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone below age 14. But, if you can handle those, read this book. There is no romance in it and hardly any humor, yet Tuesday’s Child has an unforgettable story that will captivate and make you wish for more.

carolyn gibbs authorCarolyn Gibbs began writing in the sixth grade. Since then, she has written numerous articles, essays, poems and training manuals for newspapers and insurance industry companies. From 2001 to 2004, she edited and published a monthly community newsletter, The Good New of St. Thomas Parish. Her first novel, Tuesday’s Child, was published by Legwork Team Publishing in March 2011. The novel is the runner-up in The Beach Book Festival 2011 award and it received a honorable mention in the 2011 Hollywood Book Festival. Carolyn hopes to have the sequel, Tuesday’s Child II: Redemption, ready for Christmas. Visit the novel’s website at

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  1. Bravo another five rating for Tuesday’s Child. I read the book and I also did not want to put it down.

  2. This looks great! I love your reviews, you have such a great writing style! 🙂

  3. Wow, this sounds brilliant. Glad it was so wonderful.

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