The Versatile Blogger Award

the versatile blogger award
I received The Versatile Blogger Award from Sophie at Life Between Pages. Thank you, Sophie! Sophie notified me about this award last month. I’ve been wanting to get this post done but it always slipped my mind. Nevertheless, better late than never right? This is going to be a quick post though. The identity of my blog visitors never cease to surprise me. When I receive an award or a comment from a blogger whose blog I’ve visited, there is always the “nice surprise” moment. 🙂 But I’m not here to talk about that now, so let’s get on to the award.

Award information:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated me.
2. Share seven random facts about myself.
3. Pass the award on to five blogger friends.
4. Contact and congratulate the nominated blogs.

I am going to bypass the last two requirements. I have six blogs that I always, always read (literally every post), and I can’t pick just five of them. It wouldn’t be fair to the blogger left out. Still, I’m going to give a shoutout to all six bloggers here – Mar’ah, Amy, Noah, Kristi, Kate, and Anne. Go check out their blogs! I’m sure you’ll enjoy their posts.

Seven random facts:

1. I dislike listing facts about myself and always avoid such thingies (isn’t this ironic?). This means that if you tag me in Facebook and ask me to list out facts about myself, I would probably read your note, enjoy it, and wouldn’t create my own note.

2. I love receiving books I won from randomly drawn giveaways in the mail. Reviewing the books isn’t a must and I can read them at my leisure pace without needing to be concerned about the review turnover time.

3. Many times, I don’t feel like writing reviews for the books I receive. The only motivation and push factor that gets me writing those reviews is my promise to the authors that I will review their books. Talk about blog integrity being put to the test!

4. Award-winning historical novels that have the dash of facts in them are still my favorite novels. I used to read many of them for school and most of them are still favorites, even the ones set in the World War II era. I detest the sadness in them, but I’ve come to realize that the sad overtones in them is a must. A World War II novel isn’t completed if all its characters are happy-go-lucky people with no troubles in life.

5. I would dearly love to put the I-don’t-know-what-else-to-write excuse here, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, I want to mention something I’ve always wondered about. Why don’t we have more men/boys blogging about books? Is it because only girls/women like to chatter about books?

6. I don’t and probably will never understand the craze over anime, manga and Angry Birds. Especially the latter. What’s so nice about a bunch of angry looking birds?

7. I used to think that soccer (aka football in some countries) is a senseless game with 22 people chasing a ball. Not anymore now!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mix of tongue-in-cheek and seriousness post. What do you think of blog awards? Do you like writing blog posts and Facebook notes about yourself? Why aren’t more men and boys blogging about books? Is this a problem and if it is, is there a solution to it? Can someone please tell me why people love anime, manga and Angry Birds? Do you think I should end my blog posts by asking questions? How many questions is too many questions?



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3 responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thank you very much for the award! I’m honored!

  2. I’ve gotten really into manga recently. I was curious about it, so I got a book on loan from the library and fell in love with what I was reading (Mars by Fuyumi Soryo – completely exaggerated story about teen love and angst, but it’s good stuff! Hehe). I guess I just really love the illustrations and the Japanese-ness of it. 😀