Review: The Pineville Heist by Lee Chambers

the pineville heist book coverPublisher: MISFP Publishing
ISBN: 978-0986494314
Pages: 194
Format: Paperback
Rating: 3
Age recommendation: Young adult

17-year old Aaron Stevens accidentally finds himself trapped in a living nightmare when he is the witness to a murder of a robber. When he makes his escape from the scene of murder with a money bag belonging to the robbers, he heads to his school, the only place of safety. The money bag, containing five million dollars from the bank heist, soon lures one of the robber to the school. Trapped in his place of safety together with his drama teacher, Miss Amanda Becker, Aaron must find the ingenuity to outwit the enraged robber bent on retrieving his money and finishing them off.


What caught my eye about The Pineville Heist was its cover. The cover is very cartoon-like and I assumed that this book would be a simple read although it is in the thriller and mystery genres. The story consists of less than 190 pages, and it wasn’t as thrilling as I had expected it to be since it was labeled as being in the thriller genre.

Nevertheless, the mystery itself is good. There are twists in the story and the most entertaining twist of all was the unexpected one at the near end of the story. I did not see it coming and it truly merits a “wow”. The twists and the big question mark of whodunnit was the reason why I kept reading The Pineville Heist. I was also mildly amused and annoyed at the ludicrousness of the police’s stupidity. It was almost like in movies when the police are so stupid, you get really frustrated at their inaction.

I had another problem with The Pineville Heist besides the fact that the story wasn’t thrilling enough. There were too many unnecessary explicit words used. The main character in the story is a teenager. His predicaments are very alike those of other teenagers nowadays. I thought that the book could be for teens if not for the explicit words used. I can pass an explicit word or two used for emphasis, but some were totally not necessary and seemed forced on the characters.

lee chambers authorLee Chambers is an advertising art and film graduate. He spent 10 years writing and directing drama shorts, music videos and commercials. He has attended and screened his short film productions at top festivals, such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The Pineville Heist, his debut book, was published in October 2011. The book is based on the award-winning screenplay with the same name by Chambers and Todd Gordon. Visit the book’s website at

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