It Is An Extra Special Day Today…

… that warrants a special post.

Sugarpeach readers:

Just wanna wish you a…


Hope you have a wonderful, blessed day!

‘Tis the season for giving thanks…

Thank you for reading Sugarpeach this year. Without the faithful readership, I wouldn’t be able to continue blogging. I don’t know what next year holds for this blog, but hopefully it’ll be more fun things for you and me! Can I read an affirmative “YES!” to that?

To my fellow book bloggers… thank you for inspiring me. I love stalking your blogs and reading all your fun posts. Keep up the good work! Blogging can be tedious sometimes, but just visiting your blogs is enough to give me the push to continue blogging.

My Christmas post wouldn’t be done if I don’t say a big “THANK YOU” to the authors who have sent me books to review and supported Sugarpeach in one way or another. Thank you for believing that I can write book reviews. Thank you for believing the I can send you good interview questions. Thank you for allowing me to pick the titles of your guest posts.

All the best,
♥ Evangeline ♥

P.s. Keeping this message short and sweet because webpages are growing in girth. I can assure you I’m not joining that trend. No way!



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6 responses to “It Is An Extra Special Day Today…

  1. Merry Christmas too :D!

  2. Hello Dear, Merry Christmas to you and yours also !

  3. I am so glad I found your blog! I have enjoyed getting to know you this year and it’s fun to have a long distance book buddy 🙂

    • If I can like that comment^^, I would. 🙂 I have enjoyed getting to know you too, and the books you like. I’d say that we have similar tastes in Christian fiction books since I really like the ones you feature on the blog that I’ve read (including the Kindle freebies, some of which I managed to download before the Amazon system detected that I live in Asia & Pacific!). Thanks for the great recommendations.