After much contemplation, I have decided to move from a blog to a self-hosted website. I bought my domain name on last Sunday, and have exported Sugarpeach to my new website. There are still some loose ends to be tied up on these sites, especially the redirection of links, but my new website is for the most part ready. I changed the name of my blog. So now, instead of it being Sugarpeach, it is now called Audacious Reader. I will be posting more about why I switched to a self-hosted website. CLICK HERE TO VISIT AUDACIOUS READER I will not be deleting this blog, but I will no longer be posting here. In essence, Sugarpeach is now defunct. If you are an email subscriber here, please resubscribe using the feedburner tab located at the top of the right sidebar of Audacious Reader. If you are an author, please head over to Audacious Reader. I will no longer be responding to review requests sent using the Sugarpeach contact form. Thank you and I hope to see you at Audacious Reader!

Update: Due to problems with my web host company (the company suddenly withdrew their free web hosting policy without warning, disabling my blog and others’ as well) , I was forced to move back to a regular The link above will bring you to my current blog.



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2 responses to “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Taking The Big Leap

  1. Happy switching 🙂 I cannot wait to move as well.