Hey there! Welcome to Sugarpeach! Sugarpeach is a book blog. I post reviews of books I receive from publishers and authors. I am 1) a registered book reviewer with publishing houses Thomas Nelson, Tyndale House Publishers, Howard Books and WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing, 2) connected with various publicity companies that work with authors, and 3) affiliated with book review sites Fresh Fiction and Author Exposure.

Who I am

My name is Evangeline. I love reading, writing and listening to music. Among all three, reading and writing tops the list. I do a lot of both in my spare time. I usually read an average of one book per day on days when I don’t have many assignments or projects. I started this blog with the aim to encourage readers to read good books. I’ve learned so many things as a book blogger and I would never exchange this for anything else.

Homeschooling Teen Magazine : I am a columnist at Homeschooling Teen Magazine, a homeschooling e-magazine written by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers. Every month, I write an article on a current event in my column, The World Around Us. It can be on anything: sports, technology, entertainment, politics, etc. My main aim is to encourage students to read the current events because I think that events happening now will affect our future.

RadicalParenting.com : I intern at Radical Incorporated. RadicalParenting.com is a website run by RI. The website publishes articles written from a teen’s perspective and its target audience is adults. I write articles on random things about teens that adults need to know.

Wikipedia/media : I love hanging out at Wikipedia and its sister project sites. I am an active editor at the English Wikipedia. I joined in May 2009 and pretty much know many of the ins and outs of the encyclopedia. I also volunteer in various outreach projects for the Wikimedia Foundation. In my capacity as a Wikipedia Ambassador, I mentor and provide virtual support for university students who edit Wikipedia as part of their course.

Youth Journalism International : I joined YJI in November 2010. I am a reporter at this organization. YJI is an educational non-profit organization with over 200 aspiring journalist, artist, and photographer students from five different continents. It promotes and defends a free youth press.

4 responses to “About

  1. Nice blog. I had friends from Malaysia when I was in college. Most from Kuala-Lumpur but one close friend from East Malaysia. Take care.

  2. Hi Sharon! Thanks! I am not living in Kuala Lumpur but frequently visit it. I have also been to East Malaysia. =)

  3. Impressive and active and articulate. Brava. You keep going, girl! If you’d like, take a peek at my book which is currently being rolled out on line. You might like it – or not – either way, feedback is appreciated. Go to the Chapters section and you can begin with chapter one. Also check out the FACTS BEHIND THE FICTION if you like. Laura http://www.theheartcode.com

  4. JoV

    Nice to know another Malaysian, I’m one too. you have a prolific and great things going on this blog. I grew up in PJ. 😉

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